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Since marketing and promotional training are missing in most art education programs, the International Guild of Realism provides its members with personalized marketing counseling by e-letters and occasionally direct email all year round, focusing on each artist's main queries. Marketing is key to supporting sales and creating a reputation. Promotional campaigns are vital to building greater name recognition, which leads directly to a larger potential collector base.

Unfortunately, most artists rely solely on their galleries to publicize their artworks. This creates gaps in any promotional campaign when there's a long lull between exhibitions. Research has shown that a potential collector (or any consumer, for that matter) needs at least 3.2 annual exposures to the artist's creative work before the name and signature style begins to make a lasting impression.

The three most common mistakes artists make in marketing their artworks are:

  • Advertising or publicizing a painting that's already been sold.
  • Having reviews or magazine coverage appear after the exhibition is over.
  • Not building a "critical mass" of audience impressions across a wide range of media.

Most galleries, if they advertise at all, run only one ad per artist in one magazine. Yet no art magazine in the world reaches more than 10% of the potential buyers for artwork at any given time.

Marketing Counseling
The Guild is committed to provide expert marketing counseling and career guidance to its members. Upon joining the International Guild of Realism, members will be able to receive personalized advice and support by E-letters and direct email. This information will deal with all aspects of building an art career, catered towards the member's personal circumstances.

For example, members have asked about:

  • How to effectively advertise in a cost effective manner?
  • How to obtain media coverage, including articles, press releases and reviews?
  • How to gain representation by galleries in the major art markets?
  • How to create a portfolio?
  • How to price artwork?

Member Premium Webpage
The Guild is now offering premium webpages for our members. A premium webpage is an excellent idea for those interested in having an internet presence with increased market exposure through Guild association. Premium webpages consist of six images of artwork, artist's statement, artist's biography, email address, website address, phone number and physical address (optional).

For premium page example, click here. All premium webpages will be made in this design, no exceptions.

Members taking advantage of the premium webpage will have a star * added behind their names.

Premium Webpage FAQ
Please click on questions to view answers.

What does a Premium Member Webpage on cost?
The cost for this excellent marketing tool is $125 initially, then $50 annually. This fee includes page design, publishing, and hosting for the duration of one year.
Once the images and text content have been submitted, it will be placed in production. Any change(s) to the completed website will cost $25.
Adding new works (or more than the standard six) will cost $50/per hour.
We will notify you upon receipt of the new information if more than one hour of web design is needed. Upon your approval, we will make additions/changes.

What should I submit in order to set up a Premium Member Webpage?
Send in your choice of six images that represent your body of work.
A list of all submitted works, including: title, medium, size and price (optional).
Artist's biography (optional).
Artist's statement (optional).
Personal or other website link(s). Please always double check the spelling of the URLs you send us. Web links will be reviewed by the Guild for content approval. Inappropriate links will be rejected.
Contact information that you wish to display on your website, such as address, phone numbers, email address.
A check made payable to the International Guild of Realism for $125 US dollars. Any payments are not refundable under any circumstances. You may add the amount to your membership dues, if convenient.
  A self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your materials, if desired.

Where do I send the images and content?
We prefer to receive all the information by email, but sending us a CD with images by snail mail is also an option. If you need to send your information on CD, please email us for instructions.

What are the image guidelines?
Images sent should accurately represent your artwork. They should be sharply focused, undistorted images with true color. Well-lit, even exposure is crucial. Please photograph your artwork without any frames. Frames often cast shadows on your work. We strongly advise the artist to invest in having professional photographs taken of the art work.
Please double check ALL text content before sending. Make sure you have the correct title, dimension and medium for each piece submitted and carefully review artist's statement, biography and contact information. The web designer does not proof read your content.

Is there any other important information I should know?
The International Guild of Realism does not exhibit or include works which are mass produced. Limited edition prints that are signed and numbered are allowed to be shown on the premium webpage but are not allowed to be entered in our juried exhibitions.
Please keep in mind that all computer monitors display images and colors differently. Thus, images that appear somewhat dark on one person's screen may appear light on another's, etc.
Premium webpages will be produced and published within 5-7 business days after receipt of all content.
When the premium webpage is completed and published, the artist will receive an email with a direct link to the new page. The artist should carefully read the entire contents. If there are any errors please contact us so corrections can be made promptly.
Premium webpages will be produced and published within 5-7 business days after receipt of all content.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Sep 20 - Dec 15, 2024
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