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IGOR 2023 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Landscape & Architecture

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Dance of Light
Denise Antaya

Trinity Bar
Colleen Devlin Bang

Ruined Door in Lisbon
Wilfrid Barbier

Brassworks Waterfall
David Barclay

Virage de Massenet (1959...
Gulay Berryman

Serenity At Sunset
Henry Bosak

Max Bounan

Winter's Arrival in the Marsh
James P. Cawley

Grizzly 399
Ron Craig

Sand, Sun & Stone
Jan DeLipsey

Emilie Fantuz

Tranquil Respite
Beth Flor

Amazing Fall
Gayle Isabelle Ford

At the Twilight's Last Gleaming
Jeff George

Lobby at Sofia
Allan Gorman

Harbourtown Evening
James Graf

Radnor Lake Reflections
Johnny Guthrie

Icy River Bend
Kolbjørn Håseth

Where the Ocean Meets the Sea
Mark Hunter

Corona Del Mar
David Kizziar

Whispers of Summer
Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky

Northwest Arkansas Wilderness
Tom LaRock

Oceanside I
Erwin P. Lewandowski

Cathedral de la Madeleine
Patsy Lindamood

On Spruce Head Island
Ken Northup

October Sunrise
Barbara Nuss

Whitby Harbour
Rob Parsons

Half Light
Antonia Tyz Peeples

London Calling
Cher Pruys

Hometown USA
Mary Reilly

Lifeguard Shack
John Salozzo

Punjab Mail
Wayne Scarpaci

Footsteps: Catskill Creek
Katarina Spitzer

All Roads Lead Home
Katarina Spitzer

E. Jane Stoddard

Maura Williams

Crystal Mine
Vincent L. Wilson

Apples in Winter
William C. Wright

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