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Ralph Garafola

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Artist's Statement

All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape, still life or pet, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.

Artist's Biography

Ralph Garafola, Artist/Author/Educator; born in Brooklyn, NY made a living as a commercial illustrator, photo retoucher and fine artist. He was student/class monitor of Frank J. Reilly at the Art Student League for seven years. Ralph Garafola is a critically acclaimed artist who has won many awards for his work.

Garafola wrote and self-published the book Reilly intended to write but never did "Frank J. Reilly-The Elements of Painting". Garafola says "To succeed in the realm of graphic arts, like dancing and playing music, one must acquire knowledge. By practicing and applying that knowledge, one becomes skillful. It was Reilly's logical application which was the basis for developing my craft. After 65 successful years I have never found a reason to change the drawing or painting methodology he taught me. I owe him my sincere gratitude. Now, through this book, I share it with you."

Today, Garafola at 87, paints and teaches. His teaching style is like Reilly in that he teaches the method and encourages his students to paint the style of their choice, not his style of contemporary realism.

Garafola also painted "The Price of Liberty & Freedom". Being a veteran of the Korean War, he long believed heroes should be honored with more than a photo on a mantle or bureau. He created this beautiful painting to be personalized with a photo of your hero inserted into the frame - creating a unique piece that truly honors their sacrifice.

Garafola also designed and directed the building of the 911 Memorial which stands in front of the Warren Township Municipal building.

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