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The International Guild of Realism: Fifth Annual Juried Exhibition
at the J. Willott Gallery in Palm Desert, California

The International Guild of Realism’s Fifth Annual Juried Exhibition
at the J. Willott Gallery, in Palm Desert, California
held from February 8 through February 26, 2010

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J. Willott Gallery

Featuring these 44 Artist Members:
Adrienne Stein Ed Copley  Klaus Strubel Pamela Carroll
Andrew Denman Flavia Eckholm Larry Charles Peter Ambush
Arleta Pech Frances Poole Laurin McCracken R. Geoffrey Blackburn
Beverley Chicoine Gary Davis Lang Lee Alban Randy Ford
Camille Engel Gary J. Hernandez Lorena Kloosterboer Rebecca Latham
Carolina Daley Ginger Bowen Lyn Diefenbach Sarah Bent
Clinton T. Hobart Glenn Harrington Marina Dieul Scott Royston
Cuong Nguyen Grace Kim Mina dela Cruz   Sheila Cantrell
David M. Bowers Jacquelyn Bischak Nicholas Petrucci Sydney Brown
Don Clapper Jane Willis Taylor Nick Long Vala Ola
Duffy Sheridan

K. Henderson

Ning Lee William Albanese Sr.

Congratulations to our Award Winners!
Ning Lee – Artist’s Choice & Best in Show
Lyn Diefenbach - Best Floral
R. Geoffrey Blackburn - Best Landscape
Randy Ford – Director’s Choice
Glenn Harrington – American Art Collector Magazine, Editor’s Choice
Carolina Daley - Best Still Life
David M. Bowers - Tromp l’Oeil Award
Ed Copley - Best Figure & Pioneer Award
Camille Engel - Best Wildlife
Larry Charles - Creative Achievement


David Dorman, Fine Artist
The owners of the J. Willott Gallery invited David Dorman as the overall juror of this year’s IGOR awards.  David Dorman is a prominent Utah artist who was a tenured professor at the University of Utah for 17 years.  He is admired for his work and respected for his knowledge and understanding of art.
Judges for specific award categories

The Director’s Choice was selected by Josh Otten and Josh Paquette, owners and Gallery Directors of the J. Willott Gallery.

The Artist’s Choice was selected by David Dorman (see above).

The Editor’s Choice was selected by Joshua Rose, Editor of the American Art Collector Magazine.

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