The International Guild of Realism
     For the advancement of Realism in Fine Art

The International Guild of Realism: Third Annual Juried Exhibition
at the Scottsdale Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona

The International Guild of Realism’s Third Annual Juried Exhibition
at the Scottsdale Fine Art, in Scottsdale, Arizona
held from January 13, through January 30, 2008

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Scottsdale Fine Art

Featuring these 43 Artist Members:
Albino Hinojosa Gary Babb Oleg Radvan
Alicia St. Rose Gary Davis Lang Pablo Villicaña Lara
Alyona Nickelsen Gary J. Hernandez Robert C. Kirkpatrick
Andrew Denman Ginger Bowen Robert K. Roark
Anne Kullaf Jette van der Lende Ron Schwartz
Beatriz Scotti Franchini Ken Fuller Scott Royston
Bryce Cameron Liston Larry Charles Sherry Jo Horton
Camille Engel Laura Den Hertog Susan Volk Stanley
Cees Penning Lee Alban Tom Cardamone
Charlotte Strauss Lorena Kloosterboer Vala Ola
Chul Yong Lee Max Bounan Véronique Molinier
Colin Poole Mike Mazer Victor Mordasov
Debbie Stevens Nicole Caulfield William Patterson
Don Clapper Ning Lee Zamfir Dumitrescu
  Olaf Schneider  

Congratulations to our Award Winners!
Gary Davis Lang - Best of Landscape
Don Clapper - Best of Figurative
Ning Lee - Best of Still Life
Scott Royston - Best of Trompe l’Oeil
Ginger Bowen - Director’s Choice
Olaf Schneider - Best of Show
Cees Penning - Pioneer in Realism
Alicia St. Rose - Creative Achievement
Lee Alban - Artist’s Choice
Lee Alban - Editor’s Choice


Joshua Rose – Editor of American Art Collector

Joshua Rose is the driving force and man of the hour behind this fast-growing magazine devoted to mainstream contemporary art.  Thanks to Joshua Rose’s many talents the American Art Collector magazine has become one of the most notable success stories in the publishing world.

Joshua Rose bestows the Editor’s Choice Award, which includes a feature article in the American Art Collector about the Artist of choice!

Joni Falk – Artist

Joni Falk is a highly respected and celebrated Phoenix-based Realist painter, with the talent to render a wide range of subject matters, such as traditional floral still lifes, Western still lifes, Pueblo or Plains Indian landscapes and figures.

Joni Falk bestows the Artist’s Choice Award.

Scott Jones - General Manager of The Legacy Gallery

Scott Jones’ successful business career and his passion for collecting art evolved into a new career direction, that of managing a prominent fine art gallery in one of the largest art markets in the United States.  During his 25 years as an avid art collector, Scott Jones has developed a broad and eclectic taste for a variety of subject matters in different art styles, created in different mediums.  Scott Jones has traveled extensively throughout the United States attending all the most important art shows and art auctions. 

Jane Phillips – Gallery Director of Scottsdale Fine Art

With more than twenty years of gallery experience and a solid reputation as a resource in the Scottsdale art market, Jane Phillips has successfully contributed in establishing important art collections throughout the United States and abroad.  Today, as Gallery Director of Scottsdale Fine Art, she continues to create and maintain enduring relations with collectors, art dealers, appraisers and other art professionals.  Jane Phillips is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Scottsdale Artists’ School, and Board Member of the Scottsdale Gallery Association.

Beth Lauterbach - Gallery Owner of Scottsdale Fine Art

With a keen business sense and an experienced eye for high quality art, Beth Lauterbach, owner of Scottsdale Fine Art, has a unique perspective of the art world and a well-developed sense as to what speaks to her collectors.  During her career in the creative fields, Beth’s commitment to client satisfaction and attention to detail resulted in well deserved recognition.  This lead to the opportunity to work in the Los Angeles area, gaining the business knowledge that would lead her to run a business of her own.  Through the years Beth has always kept her creativity alive by attending art classes whenever possible.  She attributes her finest training to classes taken from many distinguished oil painters at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.  Due to her creative passion, business knowledge, and solid perseverance, Beth Lauterbach has been able to secure a prominent place in the heart of one of the largest art markets in the United States.  As one of the more prestigious galleries in the Scottsdale art market, Scottsdale Fine Art has a well-deserved reputation for personalized service and sterling customer care.  Scottsdale Fine Art offers internationally recognized, established mid-career and emerging artists.

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