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11th Annual International Juried Exhibition
at Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado

August 26th - September 17th, 2016


The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) is proud to share the highlights of our 11th Annual IGOR Exhibition. This year's exhibition was held at the prestigious Gallery 1261 in downtown Denver, CO., from August 26 through September 17, 2016.

Since it's opening, Gallery 1261 has established a reputation for providing the very best in contemporary realism and representational art. Nestled near the Denver Museum of Art and walking distance to many of the downtown landmarks, Gallery 1261 caters to the needs of their local clientele in and around the Denver metropolitan area, as well as to collectors around the country. Gallery 1261 has held numerous quality realism exhibitions through the years showcasing some of the top realists working today! The gallery has been featured in many national art magazines including American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur. They just completed an amazing realism exhibition called "Renaissance in Realism" and in conjunction held an informative symposium called "Collectors for Connoisseurship" at the Denver Art Museum. Many nationally known realists were on the panel discussion including Daniel Sprick, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Quang Ho and Robert C. Jackson. We were extremely excited to have Gallery 1261 host our 11th Annual Exhibition!


Rendevous in Denver, CO  |  August 24th - August 26th

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Wednesday Evening, August 24th from 7:30 to 8:30pm - Meet and Greet Cocktail Reception at the rooftop bar of The Art Hotel located at 1201 Broadway, Denver.

Thursday, August 25th from 1 to 4pm - IGOR Art Seminars with noted Guest Speakers - Meet at the Denver Art Library. Speakers included Dr. Timothy Standring - The Gates Foundation Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Denver Art Museum, Shannon Robinson - Founder of Windows to the Divine and major art collector and Josh Rose, Editor of American Art Collector Magazine.

Thursday Evening, August 25th from 6 to 9pm - Dinner Reception at Maggiano's Little Italy located on the 16th Street Mall at 500 16th Street, Denver.

Friday, August 26th from 2 to 4pm - Denver Art Museum Guided Tour in downtown Denver.

Friday Evening, August 26th from 6 to 9pm - The 11th Annual Juried Exhibition Artists' Reception at Gallery 1261 on 1261 Delaware Street.

As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we ask the gallery to appoint a guest judge(s) to award ribbons in different categories to selected Guild Members for their outstanding artwork. Here are this year's winners!

Robert Kirkpatrick Best Still Life Award:
Echo of Home, Alex Zonis

Best Tromp l'Oeil Award:
Fisherman's Palette, Debra Torres

Best Drawing Award:
Alex at Walmart, Eva Csanyi-Hurskin

Best Floral Award:
Dying in America, Nicholas Baxter

Best Wildlife Award:
Defending the Paint, Josh Tiessen

Best Figurative Award:
Drama Magnifico, James Van Fossen

Best of Landscape Award:
Jones Falls in April II, William C. Wright

American Art Collector Editor Choice Award:
Orchids with Pussy Willows, Mark Thompson

Artist's Choice Award:
Summer Flower, Wang Kun

Pioneer in Realism Award:
In the Search of Beauty, Tatiana McWethy

Jerry's Artarama Creative Achievement Award:
Tied, David Molteni

Bill and Sue Rowett Collector's Choice Award:
Young Girl Looking to the Left, Duffy Sheridan

Director's Choice Award:
The Eternal Touch, David M. Bowers

Best of Show:
The Eternal Touch, David M. Bowers


We had our largest number of paintings entered, and without a doubt, our highest level of quality artwork submitted. The final jury for this year's exhibition was handled by award winning artist and gallery owner, Quang Ho. Once again we received an amazing array of superb entries and our juror was quite impressed with the quality and creativity of the work entered. Well over 45% of the entered IGOR artists made it through to the final jury.

Congratulations to all Participating IGOR Artists! The artwork submitted was exceptional and the accepted artists made it through two stages of a rigorous jury process.

George Ayers
Anna Rose Bain
Nicholas Baxter
Linda Besse
David Bowers
Sheila Cantrell
Pamela Carroll
Daniel Cassity
David Cheifetz
Marsha Chandler
Donald Clapper
Barbara Clements
Ed Copley
Dennis Crayon
Diane Davich-Craig
Andrew Denman
Michael DeVore
Judith Dickinson
Martin Dimitrov
Stuart Dunkel
David Eichenberg
Sheri Farabaugh
Elizabeth Floyd
Jorge-Alberto Gonzalez
Thane Gorek
Patricia Guzman
Clinton Hobart
Natalie Holland
John Joseph Hunn
Eva Csanyi-Hurskin
Esther Huser
Joyce Jensen
Jane Jones
Steven Jones
Grace Kim
Lorena Kloosterboer
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Elaine Kurie
Sharon Guyton Lalik
G. Davis Lang
Brian LaSaga
Jeff Legg
Erwin Lewandowski
Russell Mackensen
Alex Manzanares
Laurin McCracken
Tatiana McWethy
Terry Miller
David Molteni
D. Wynne Nixon
Carla Paine
Cher Prvys
Igor Raikhline
Ed Roberts
Ken Scaglia
John Schisler
Guenevere Schwein
Claudia Seymour
Duffy Sheridan
Beth Sistrunk
Ardith Starostka
Debbie Stevens
Denise Stewart-Sanabria
Shawn Sullivan
Mark Thompson
Cecilia Thorell
Josh Tiessen
Debra Torres
James Van Fossan
Ann Walker
Barbara Walker
Kun Wang
Elizabeth Weiss
William C. Wright
Alex Zonis


of the 11th Annual Juried IGOR Exhibition – 3 Part Video Series




About the Gallery
Gallery 1261 is dedicated to presenting excellent work that reflects the artists' most creative side, done without the constraints of marketability in mind. The space functions as a gallery while having the flavor of a small museum. The vision of Gallery 1261 is one of enhanced freedom in the experience of art for both artists and appreciators of art, meaning it is driven not by commercial tastes or market standards, but rather by pure expression and artistic talent.

"It's about the art. It's about pure artistic expression. It's about the work an artist creates for his own soul. Gallery 1261 is the brainchild of artist Quang Ho who wanted a place where artists he knows and admires can show the work that is truly important, done without constraints of marketing strategies and sales quotas.

Gallery 1261 website:

Nationally known realism artists who have exhibited at Gallery 1261:
Gregory Block, Tony Curanaj, Scott Fraser, David Gluck, Robert C. Jackson, David Kassan, Greg Gandy, David Leffel, Jeff Legg, Lucong, Heather Neill, Kate Sammons, Daniel Sprick, Katherine Stone, Joseph Todorovitch, Anthony Waichulis

Quote from curator Quang Ho regarding the 11th Annual IGOR Exhibition:
"Gallery 1261 is delighted to host the 11th Annual IGOR exhibition in 2016. It will be a tough task to be the judge for such a show, as I know there will be many exceptional entries to look through. The term "realism" can mean many things to many different people. On the surface, it seems to mean work that looks "real" as in "tight" realism - work that is rendered to look like life as we assume it should look. To merely render something tightly doesn't necessarily carry with it an understanding of what is real. I would like to challenge the artists to explore what "real" might actually mean to them. As a judge of paintings, I will not look at ideology or the artists' personal beliefs about a subject matter, but at how the painting is put together and executed overall, and then how that might unify within the theme of the painting. Pure. Genuine. Expression." — Quang Ho, Curator



Gallery 1261 has recently uploaded our entire show on their website so enjoy viewing the collection.

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Courtesy of American Art Collector Magazine




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