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10th Annual International Juried Exhibition
at the
Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia

August 18th - September 18th, 2015

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The International Guild of Realism had a wonderful week of art events celebrating the opening of our 10th Annual Exhibition at the beautiful Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. We enjoyed several events over a three day period with over 25 IGOR artists in attendance. The weather was sunny everyday and all events turned out as planned including our first ever trip ever to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The quality of the IGOR show was amazing and without a doubt, another astounding IGOR Annual Exhibition. The Principle Gallery is one of the best realism galleries in the US and they did an outstanding job promoting this amazing exhibition. The paintings were hung beautifully and the lighting on every painting was perfect. Sales were very strong and we have over 17 sales thru the artist's reception! We still have two more weeks of the show so we anticipate many more sales. Our host gallery was equally as thrilled with the quality of the show and they were grateful that so many IGOR artists attended the opening events.

About Principle Gallery: With locations in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and historic Charleston, SC., Principle Gallery has been dedicated to exhibiting the best of American & European Contemporary Realism since opening in 1994. Focusing on paintings in oil and bronze sculpture, the gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists with a distinct personal approach to their work. Principle Gallery gains great exposure for its artists through solo exhibitions, selective group shows and national art fairs. For more information please visit:

208 King Street, Alexandria, VA


"Rendevous in Alexandria, VA"

Three Days of Art Events for IGOR Attendees in Beautiful Alexandria and Washington, D.C.

Wednesday Evening, August 26, from 6 to 9 pm — Gourmet Dinner Reception at the highly rated Il Porto Restaurant located on historic King Street.

We had an amazing dinner and we ended the evening with music from award winning opera singer, Krista Clouse. We also had several talks from Donald Clapper, founding IGOR Charter Member, Kim Orlowski, IGOR event coordinator and Michele Ward, owner of the Principle Gallery. Clint Mansell, Principle Gallery Director, gave us an informative talk on the value of social media in promoting fine art. We truly had a fun filled artsy evening!

Thursday, August 27, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm — National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.. A guided tour in this world class museum.

We began our first tour in this amazing museum in the American art section with a focus of the Hudson River School artists and the great still life painters including Harnett, Peto and Haberle. At 3pm, we had a incredible tour by Eric Denker of the NGA. He is the senior art lecturer of the National Gallery of Art. Mr. Denker is a true expert on Dutch painting and his tour was not only informative but also humorous at times. We had a very special day in this beautiful capital city! A small group of IGOR artists then walked over to the White House to take some memorable photographs.

Friday, August 28th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm — Torpedo Factory Art Center and historic tour of Alexandria.

Gallery walk and historic tour of downtown Alexandria. We began our tours at the famous Torpedo Factory Art Center by the Potomac River viewing numerous art galleries and studios hosted by Rose O'Donnell. At 2 pm, Carolyn Cooper, professional history guide, gave us a grand tour of the most important historical sites in Alexandria including the Gadsby Tavern, a favorite of George Washington.

Friday, August 28th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm —The 10th Annual Juried Exhibition Artist's Reception at the Principle Gallery on King Street.

We ended our three days of art events with our opening reception at the Principle Gallery. The opening party was very well attended with over 500 patrons of the arts and everyone dressed beautifully for this gala evening. This special evening was a perfect way to end our third day of art events! Many sales took place during the reception which is always nice. Go IGOR artists!


We thank all of our IGOR members who entered this amazing show and especially congratulations to the participating members!

We would also like to send out a special "Thank You" to our IGOR Event Coordinator, Kim Orlowski, who did a fabulous job planning all of the events and working alongside IGOR Charter Members. Bravo Kim!


IGOR has once again produced a short slide show video which includes several images from all of the special events including images taken during the opening. Thank you to all of the members and their guests who attended the events in Alexandria and hopefully this video will bring back quite a few happy memories. For those of you who weren't able to attend or to be juried into the event, we hope that you will enjoy the video of the 10th Annual International Guild of Realism Exhibition. Thanks for your team spirit and we are glad that you came!

This new IGOR video has numerous still images that were taken during the three days. We have tried to include many of the artists, paintings, award winners, and shots of our many events. Please feel free to add the link or embed the source code into your websites and send it out to your collector base and artist friends. If you weren't able to travel to Alexandria, then this video will help make up for it.

Click here to view the entire 10th Annual Exhibition

Click here to view Press Release

Click here to view 6 page ad in American Art Collector Magazine

The International Guild of Realism had a huge number of paintings entered, and without a doubt, the quality was excellent! Thank you, IGOR Artists for entering our 10th Annual Exhibition.

The jurors, after reviewing the images over a few week period, then made the difficult final selection. Deciding upon a limited number of paintings from an impressive array of entries wasn't an easy task, and the jurors could not resist adding many more pieces to this exhibition than originally planned. The exhibition has 91 paintings and drawings by 81 IGOR members. Here is the final selection!

Congratulations to selected IGOR Artists for the 10th Annual IGOR Juried Exhibition.

Alex Zonis
Ann Morton
Anna Rose Bain
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Anne Peyton
Ardith Starostka
Arlene Steinberg
Arleta Pech
Barbara Clements
Barbara Rudolph
Barney Levitt
Beth Sistrunk
Brian Darcy
Brian LaSaga
Camille Engel
Cat Corcilius
Cathy Strapp
Cecelia Cox
Cecilia Thorell
Claudia Seymour
Clinton Hobart
Craig Srebnik
Daniel Mark Cassity
David Bowers
Deanna Grimes
Deborah LaFogg-Docherty
Deborah Maklowski
Debra Keirce
Diane Davich Craig
Donald Clapper
Ed Copley
Elayne Kuehler
Elizabeth Floyd
Elizabeth Weiss
Gary Davis Lang
Gary Oro
Gayle Madeira
George Ayers
George Gonzalez
Gerald Schwartz
Grace Kim
Guenevere Schwien
Jan Stommes
Jane Hartley
Janice Anthony
Joe F. Howard
Jorge Alberto
Josh Tiessen
Julie Bender
K. Henderson
Karen Yee
Ken Scaglia
Kevin Lee Aita
Lee Alban
Leslie Junkin Fornalik
Linda Besse
Loren DiBenedetto
Lorena Kloosterboer
Marsha Chandler
Mary Jane Q. Cross
Max Bounan
Michael DeVore
Nadia Lazizi
Ning Lee
Pamela Carroll
Peter Ambush
Randy Van Dyck
Rebecca Latham
Richard Ginnett
Rob MacIntosh
Sandra Robinson
Scott Royston
Sharon Guyton Lalik
Sivananda Nyayapathi
Stuart Dunkel
Tatiana McWethy
Teresa Fischer
Terry Miller
Trish Coonrod
Vala Ola
Victoria McCall


As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we ask the gallery to appoint a guest judge(s) to award ribbons in different categories to selected Guild Members for their outstanding artwork. All award winners will receive their ribbons by mail after the conclusion of the exhibition.

Congratulations to all of the award winners!
The judges were so impressed that it took hours to complete all of the awards. This year, IGOR gave out 14 awards and the list is below.

Best of Show Award - "The Swan" by Jorge Alberto
Best Figurative Award - "Manal" by Pamela Carroll
Robert Kirkpatrick Best Still Life Award - "Adagio for Three Strings" by Alex Zonis
Best Drawing Award - "Salsa" by Arlene Steinberg
Best Trompe l'Oeil Award - "The Swan" by Jorge Alberto
American Art Collector Magazine Editor's Choice Award - "Out of the Blue" by Claudia Seymour
Best Landscape Award - "Prescott" by Rob MacIntosh
Best Wildlife Award - "Barrel and Sparrow" by Brian LaSaga
Director's Choice Award - " The Weathered Vase" by Michael DeVore
Pioneer of Realism Award - "Victorian Fantasy" by Ed Copley
Best Floral Award - "Baby Mellon and Magnolia" by Grace Kim
Artist's Choice Award - "Old Trunk" by Tatiana McWethy
Creative Achievement Award - "Time Lapse" by Beth Sistrunk
Bill and Susan Rowett Collector's Choice Award - "Still Life with Blue Plate and Blue Egg" by Trish Coonrad

To view these award winning paintings please click on the below link and then scroll down to the IGOR Award Winners.

Please also visit our new official IGOR Facebook group page and click "Like" and "Get Notifications".

You can view recently uploaded photos and videos of our IGOR Exhibitions and much more!


Many thanks to your Corporate Sponsor:


We received several comments from attending IGOR members so have fun reading some of them:

"The 10th Annual Realism Exhibition in Alexandria, VA was another fantastic event and I was so pleased that I could be a part of it. The beautiful Principle Gallery did an incredible job at hosting the show and opening night was a huge success. It was standing room only with a very excited crowd in attendance to see some of the finest realism art from across the globe. The art in the exhibition was outstanding and to see it all in person was quite a thrill. Thank you to Donald Clapper, Kim Orlowski and Jean Raymond for organizing all of the events and showing us a time we will never forget. The tour in the National Gallery of Art was definitely a highlight too. I thoroughly enjoyed my entire stay in Alexandria, and having the opportunity to meet the other artists in attendance was an honor. What fun! This show always motivates me to do my absolute best possible work because I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to attend the next event."

— Barbara Rudolph


"Thank you all for all the hard work that went into planning such a fantastic event. I felt as if I had died and gone to art heaven. I am so honored to have exhibited among some of the finest realist painters of today as well as being presented by such an extraordinary gallery as the Principle Gallery in Alexandria. Everyone at the gallery was so friendly and knowledgeable at presenting artists and their works to the buying public. From hanging the show, working with social media, to artist interactions it was obvious these guys were a top notch operation. Meeting the other artists and seeing their incredible works were the highlight of my trip. My husband and I both enjoyed the IGOR activities. The icing on the cake for me was the wonderful tour with the expert guide you arranged for us at the National Gallery of Art. Thank you for such a rewarding experience."

— Diane Davich-Craig


"Each year IGOR strives to up the ante and vary events for the artists, to make it both enjoyable and worthwhile for our art careers. This year in Alexandria, VA, we were treated to guided tours of the National Gallery in D.C. catered to realist artists, plus an historic tour of charming Alexandria and the Torpedo Factory's bustling art scene. Droves of art enthusiasts and collectors came out to the opening reception for our exhibition, which included a scrumptious selection of catered appetizers and drinks, a moving opera performance, and of course stunning realist work from accomplished artists around the world, many of whom I am now privileged to consider friends. As a Canadian artist, through exhibiting in IGOR's international juried exhibitions I have established credibility with the top realism galleries and magazines in the U.S., leading to significant advancements in my career."

— Josh Tiessen


"When we first arrived in Alexandria we decided to go into our nation's capitol and go see the National Gallery of Art. On other days, we went to the National Portrait Gallery, the Gallery to the Native Americans, and of course the Air and Space Museum. The added addition of the Opera Singer was a real treat! Thank you for all of your work on our behalf."

— Gary Davis Lang


Be sure to enter next year's exhibition as it is our intention to continue to grow and elevate the International Guild of Realism as we move forward into the future. IGOR is now a major player in the resurgence of academic realism which is taking place in all of the important art markets, so keep on painting your masterpieces!

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